Friday, July 31, 2015

On Safari With Curtis 29 July 2015

29 July 2015

A new tour and our first safari of it. We only had a couple of hours and it was dominated by one sighting.

We found two young male elephants close to the road and we were enjoying watching them we heard the familiar breaking of branches.

More elephants, three more to be precise, two females and a young calf. They moved within a few meters of us and the adults continued to eat. The youngster had other ideas trying to suckle from its mum but she didn't want this and kept on forcibly pushing it away. But this calf was persistent and after being pushed away four times mum finally gave in and the youngster had a drink.

While this happened further down the road a family of banded mongoose decided to scurry across the road.

After drinking the youngster decided to investigate us coming closer raising its trunk and having a good smell of us while mum just carried on munching. So lovely a sighting we stayed for about forty minutes.

Also seen steenbok, common duiker, kudu, Impala, zebra and warthog.

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