Monday, June 1, 2015

On safari With Robbie 29 - 30 May 2015

29 May 2015

Todays early short drive paid off with a magnificent Wild dog sighting!

15 dogs that had recently killed a klipspringer and most were covered in blood!

The one male had the antelopes head in its mouth clearly demonstrating the antelopes distinctive straight horns! He was not letting go of his prize possession or sharing it!!!

In amongst all this we suddenly had a mating pair right next to us!!!!

Phenomenal stuff!!!

We say goodbye to Joy, leanne and Danny! This epic trio leave with 6 epic sightings out of 7 and with a lot more laughs than expected!!!

Travel safe guys and Danny ... See you in July!!!!!

Afternoon Safari:

This afternoon latasha and I went seeking for the leopard to complete her big 5 and did we hit luck!

Close to Kruger gate a female had hauled an impala up the large Sycamore tree! She ate for over 25 minutes and then allowed her cub to come and eat!

It was beyond brilliant!

Later on our way to camp we got the same Wild dog pack seen this morning!!!!

Tomorrow we carry on!

 30 May 2015

On the last day of this epic safari we kept our high standards up! So far this safari had produced many highlights!

Mating Impala, mating Wild dog, Mating Elephant and a pure white waterbuck!!!!

Phenomenal sightings of Lion, Leopard, Buffalo and W.Rhino to name but a few!

With latasha the only member of our party left on safari there were outside odds on her possibly getting the unique magnificent 7!

Approaching temperatures of 27 I seriously thought her chances were gone!

I was to be proved wrong as on river road we were totally stunned to find 2 male Cheetahs slowly walking along in the middle of the road!!!

Mouths gasped we quietly followed these 2 magnificent cats for no less than 4,3 km!

Mind blowing as well was the fact that despite it being a busy Saturday in the Park we were the only vehicle on the sighting!

Turns out most vehicles were at a Leopard sighting (same 1 as yesterday!) just up the road!

We watched for 30 odd minutes before they suddenly decided to head for some much needed shade!!

Topping it all we saw the Leopard and her cub on our way to lunch !

Other species seen were:

W.rhino, Buffalo, Elephant, Bushbuck, Nyala, Kudu, Impala, Zebra, Waterbuck, Croc and Hippo!

We say safe travels to Latasha and welcome her to the magnificent 7 club!!!!

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