Friday, June 5, 2015

On Safari With Karen 4 June 2015

4 June 2015

This morning apparently was a horny morning (excuse my French) 😏. But the males were trying to impress and mount females left right and center! First we got a waterbuck male strutting around and then singling out a female in the herd he was really trying hard to impress. She was playing hard to get and he followed with a loud chase. Then there were the impala males going nuts for the ladies. Ok one of them chased a young impala away from its mother as he was still suckling. But it had all to do with him not having a chance with the mother! And then there was a young waterbuck male trying to mount an even younger female (poor girl). There was also some mounting going on in the herd of buffalos we saw. And then we didn't even hang around to watch the mating dance between giraffes...

The cream on the cake (or the cherry on top) was one of our last sightings of this safari. We were told by others about a cheetah trio that had been spotted and we decided to pursue it. Upon arrival we were lucky as to see them getting up and walking alongside the road for about 100m. Through the bushes and the high grass we lost visual, but as Rohan's favorite animal of all is a cheetah, we were nonetheless delighted!

Other interesting sightings: a leopard snoozing in the shade, giraffes, hippos fighting in the water, plenty of waterbucks, zebras, kudus, a massive white rhino, common grey duikers, impalas, a bushbuck, a large herd of buffalos and a lazy crocodile slowly swimming in the dam.

And or last birds included a flock of red-faced mousebirds, a hamerkop, white-backed vultures and a grey hornbill.

Then it was time to turn around and head back to Nelspruit, where Rohan and Selina would go back to Johannesburg and from there to Cape Town! Safe travels and thanks for joining us on this safari!

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