Wednesday, June 3, 2015

On Safari With Karen 2 June 2015

2 June 2015

As one of the guests was really hoping to see a rhino, we were lucky to have multiple highlights this morning. As a matter of fact we saw multiple white rhinos today! Some of which were very close to the vehicle, others hidden deep in the bush. But with the current poaching war going on and it being a full moon (which always has a spike in poaching) it was very good to see them at all!

We also saw a couple of big bull elephants. They were eating, eating and eating some more. One was plucking a tree empty of leaves and apparently got tired of reaching to the top. As in a one, and a two and ... CRASH!! The tree toppled over and the leaves were suddenly very easy to reach! And we got to see these magnificent giants at

The leopard was called in by Mark and by the time we arrived at the sighting she had managed to eat the entire southern ground hornbill she had caught. She definitely had not gotten the memo that those birds are even more rare than she is!

However she was still finishing off the scraps while keeping an eye on every single person watching her. It gave us some great photos! When she had made sure there really wasn't anything left, she crossed the road right behind our car nice and slow.

Our cameras were unfortunately still too zoomed in to get a nice picture but nonetheless it was a thoroughly enjoyed view! Across the road she laid down in a pit and started cleaning herself. It was a great sighting!!

And to top it off a special mention for a very rare sighting. This morning we saw a sable bull. Not a great sighting as he was quite obscured in the bush, but it is only the second sighting for me this year, so imagine how rare it is to see one. And we managed to see all parts (butt, belly, head, face and horns) in separate sightings so all in all an entire sable! However to make it special, this afternoon we actually saw an entire herd of them!! The babies were well hidden in the grass and the same colour too, so they were difficult to spot. But the adults actually stuck out nicely to see them. It looked like they might even want to cross, but too many cars and people goggling at them made them wary and they didn't dare.

Other interesting sightings: hyenas, zebras, dwarf mongooses, vervet monkeys, giraffes, impalas, kudus and hippos.

Birds so far: red crested korhaan, lilac breasted roller, Cape glossy starling, bateleur, yellow billed hornbills, chinspot batisses, blue waxbills and helmeted guineafowls.

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