Friday, January 8, 2016

On Safari With Karen 7 January 2016

7 January 2016

When your phone switches off during the day and tells you it is too hot to function, you can imagine the heat we felt today!

Nevertheless we set off on our early morning drive hoping to beat yesterday's good sightings. And even though it was quiet at times we did see some great animals. 

Our first highlight was seeing two sable bulls. They were grazing not far from the road. We had seen sable before now, but they were quite far away and hiding in the bush but these guys were almost out in the open. At one point they even locked horns, but it was a very weak-hearted fight.

It was a bad day for fish at Shitlhave Dam today. As we were watching the hippo looking grumpy (according to the guests) a fish eagle flew over the dam, stretched its legs out and caught a fish. Immediately it pulled up and away from the water to eat it on the shore. Another fish eagle attempted to steal it, but the winner, or in this case catcher, took all. 

A few minutes later we were distracted by a crocodile making waves and it turns out he caught himself a fish too! Maneuvering it around in its mouth to get it right we could clearly see his catch. Then it was a few tosses backwards and the fish was swallowed. We didn't stay long enough but we thought the crocodile was aiming for more. 

Other interesting sightings: a lone giraffe, hyenas, zebras, steenbok, waterbuck, hippo, impalas, an elephant herd quite far away, white rhinos, common grey duiker, many buffalo bulls, vervet monkeys with babies (very cute!), an elephant bull up close and kudus.

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