Thursday, January 7, 2016

On Safari With Karen 6 January 2016

6 January 2016

Another day, another chance of seeing animals. Despite the heat that was there early on, we had a great day! Our highlight was our leopard sighting. Stumbled upon it by accident, we were happy to see a glimpse of a leopard. The guests had not expected to see one so they were pretty excited. Then suddenly she walked out of the bush for three second and disappeared again. Where some of us had trouble locating her before, now for sure all of us had seen her. 

But it got better. After being mostly hidden in the bush, she suddenly decided to lie down in the riverbed below the bush. This gave us a beautiful view. She was still young and playful and every sound of a bird got her attention. As we were the only vehicle at the sighting we could thoroughly enjoy it as long as we wanted. 

But it got better as she was not alone. After a while her mum came down too. They greeted each other like cats do by rubbing their heads together, which was cute. And then mum started washing her cub. We had watched her groom herself while she was still half hidden in the bush, and apparently now it was the cub's turn. She let it happen but she looked at us as if she was really embarrassed by her mum's behavior. So the fun didn't last long as the cub decided to go on an adventure a little further away. She got up and walked away from mum and out of side for us. Mum stayed in the riverbed a little while longer but then got up and went back into the bush where we first spotted her. It was our cue to leave, but what a great sighting!

Our second highlight of today was sitting at Transport Dam and watching the animal traffic. It appeared we had arrived at rush hour as it was crazy busy around the dam with lots of impalas all around the dam having a drink. There were pretty kudu bulls, lots of waterbucks and some males were fighting. A herd of blue wildebeests came down to drink and rub their faces in the mud and then roll in it while their babies were chasing each other around and made weird jumps. Zebras came and went. An elephant bull came by and had a mouthful of water. It looked like he wanted to go swimming, but while walking through the dam he found out it was too shallow and he just walked across (chasing some impalas on the go). And a lone buffalo who couldn't care less about all the others and walked down to the mud to have a good soak. The hippos in the dam decided to stay away from the busy corner and kept snoozing on the other end. 

Other interesting sightings: steenboks, elephants, a chameleon pretending to be a leaf, waterbucks, blue wildebeests, zebras, kudus, giraffes, white rhinos up close, hyenas, baboons with bulging cheeks as they snacked on marula fruit and let's not forget the impalas.

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