Monday, January 4, 2016

On safari With Amanda From 29 December 2015

29 December 2015

Hot, hot and hotter today in the Kruger but that didn't keep the animals away.

After an interesting bush walk my 3 American guests and I took a nice slow drive to skukuza.

We were entertained by 3 bull elephants play fighting...this proved too much for them as one by one they gently laid down and had a sleep, We listened to the birds calling and 3 very loud snoring elephants...amazing. 

The sun was beating down and we had no updates of cats, always nice to see but never guaranteed. Beautiful baby zebras along the way joining a herd of wildebeest all happily eating the plentiful grasses.

Lots of tawny eagles today along the Doispan road too. We saw reedbuck and a glimpse of a sable as well as impalas.

The last leg of our safari was 12kms we had to be back for sundowner drive as we got closer to camp we saw resting on a termite mound sleeping a very large male leopard literally 300m from the tar road back to the gate...very lucky to see as he soon became aware of us stared into our eyes and then slunk away from view.

Another hot but amazing day in the Kruger. 

30 December 2015

As the year draws to an end it brings me my last guests of 2015! We all head out after my guests returned from a great bush walk seeing the tail end of a leopard!

Elephants galore today as hot as it was they seemed to be enjoying our company.. Plus a few marula fruits. A tiny baby entertaining us trying to work out how to use his trunk picking up sticks and just as quickly dropping them.

Further on we watched 3 very cute baby baboons chasing each other around a tree on the left hand side of the road.. On the right hand side of the road there were at least 10 vervet monkeys, I wondered if there would be any interaction between the two species but they happily entertained themselves on either side of the road!

Lots of birds today ,my guests armed with their check list ticked off crested barber, black shouldered kite, violet backed starling, juvenile bataleur, tawny eagle, goliath heron and black headed oriole to name a few.

Our last drive gave us a beautiful golden hour when the sun is lowering it gives a beautiful golden warmth to the bush, lots of baby impalas, kudu and zebras grazed happily in front of us.. no cats yet but tomorrow is another day in the best place on earth!

31 December 2015

New years Eve 2015! The day started with a full breakfast for everyone and then we headed out to skukuza. 

Despite the heat there were plenty of beautiful elephants close by to the road, 3 lovely bulls challenging each other not bothered by us in the slightest!

Zebras along the way with a few adorable baby ones hanging out with the impalas.

At skukuza we got an update on lions at high level bridge we arrived and there under a guarri bush were a male and female lion, Quite a far visual but worth the trip. As we were leaving one of the other guides told us of a buffalo kill that lions had made earlier, only 8 kms from the lions we'd just seen so off we went and parked on the bridge and to our left were 2 male lions hiding from elephants that had just chased them away from their kill! After spending time with them we headed back for lunch and a cool down.

The journey back gave us more elephants kudu and lots of zebras. A lovely way to end 2015! Happy New Year to everyone. 

1 January 2016

Today we said goodbye to lovely guests but not before a short drive.... News of a leopard and lions filled us with anticipation, we looked on the koppies for the leopard, no joy, we looked on the loop for the lions, no joy!  So we were entertained by a chameleon painstakingly crossing the road, shielding him to make sure he reached the other side of the road! Far, far across from shithave dam we saw a lone sable antelope.

Impalas lots of buffalo and zebras along with kudu were close to the gate as my guests departed leaving me with my last 3 guests.

We decided to meet at 3:30 for the pm drive and we expected to just drive and see what we see. As we turned onto circle loop we were confronted by a huge bull elephant walking along the road, he came close to us before turning off into the bush.

We drove around the koppie and I said to my guests let's just sit and look for the leopard, after only 5 minutes there we spotted the flick of a tail and then a big male leopard stood up and stretched slowly walking down the koppie and walking right in front of us across the road.. and then he was gone!

Amazing to encounter a leopard.. we then agreed to head home as it started to rain

we took a little loop and there in a marula tree was another leopard climbing down!

A quick visual but none the less a leopard! 

Great way to start 2016!

2 January 2016

Today was the final day for my 3 lovely American guests. As we set off for their final drive we had no expectations, the best way to be, expect a nice chilled drive and then maybe the bush will surprise you and today it did!

After driving a km or so we saw zebras and impalas grazing together, after our photos were taken we drove slowly away and there bounding up the tar road came 2 wild dogs. After they had passed us I did a quick u - turn and we followed them, They spotted the impala and chased them straight into the bush, a baby impala was separated from the herd, as hard to see as it was, the thing that amazed me was I noticed the zebra were running, not away from the wild dogs ,but straight at them, it seemed like they were trying to save the impala as if it was one of their own?! The kill was quick and hopefully enough to fill them for a while.

We then headed, exhilarated, to pretoriouskop and 5mins away from the camp was a beautiful male leopard walking slowly into the bush!  It was lovely to see and we sat and watched as he disappeared.

Not long until our departure so we decided to chill and sit at shithave dam for half an hour. A crocodile and hippo and 5 buffalo were present and then out of nowhere appeared a herd of at least 200 buffalos rushing for the water, amazing to see . We watched them eating and cooling off in the water as the crocodile grabbed a fish and started chomping on it!

A truly amazing way to end a wonderful trip in the Kruger Park! 

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