Thursday, October 15, 2015

On Safari With Gert 13 October 2015

13 October 2015

Setting out on a short morning drive as we had to drop off some of our group members this morning, we started off on a good note when we came across a young hyena lying not too far from the road. Another one approached it from the bush and we watched them prowling around, before crossing the road in front of us and disappearing in the tall grass. Soon after we had one of the highlights of the day as we encountered a journey of 11 giraffe of various ages. We watched them browse while slowly on the move. There were also 2 males engaged in necking, but more testing their strength than actual fighting as they seemed more interested in the vehicles observing them.

Thanks to Karen, who alerted us to its presence, we also saw a cheetah! It was lying in the shade of a tree, about 70 m off the road, but in the open. As the shade moved it got up and we saw ‎that it had a fully rounded belly. It had evidently eaten a very large meal shortly before and continued to have a siesta. We decided to follow suit and went back to camp for a well deserved lunch and a break over the warmest part of the day.‎ 

Heading back out in the late ‎afternoon, we went to look for the same Cheetah again, but it had moved off and we didn't find it. Instead, we found a mother Warthog with her 3 brand new babies, my first for the season! They never fail to entertain with their antics, but I couldn't help wondering if that was what the cheetah was after and indeed full of earlier in the day...

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