Tuesday, August 11, 2015

On Safari With Robbie From 7 August 2015

7 August 2015

Today myself and my two enthusiastic guests arrived at Nkambeni camp rather late due to excessive holiday traffic on the way!

In minutes they were on their sundowner safari where they encountered great sightings of Elephant and Buffalo as well as one of the smaller Kruger Cats ... The Small Spotted Genet!

8 August 2015

Today we set off in superb conditions and had a prolific day!!

Our journey to Shithave dam brought us Elephant herds, Buffalo in numbers, kudu, Impala, Wildebeest, zebra, Giraffe, Duiker and Vervet monkeys!!!

At Shithave we were observing the lone Hippo as well as Impala and Zebra coming down to drink when suddenly another of the smaller Cats ... The Serval came cantering down to drink then chased a Steenbok on its way into thick bush!! The Serval is a spectacular cat very seldom sighted and what was even more bizarre was that my colleague Karen had spotted one up near Transport dam a little earlier!!

We came across a spectacular White Rhino sighting ( I’m not going to give the number seen due to security reasons) but trust me It was one of my better sightings of this species in a long time!!!

The highlight today was the Leopard sighting very close to Pretoriouskop camp!

A beautiful male was perfectly perched in Sycamore Fig tree about 30 meters away from us!!! His positioning was 5out of 5 for us with full body and face views allowing for brilliant photographs!!!

After an hours observance of this beauty we headed to PK camp for lunch!!

After the break we returned to the sighting with perfect timing as the Leopard was just about to leave the tree!!

We got solid pics of his ground jump and then followed him up the road for a couple hundred meters where he crossed right in front of us and then disappeared into thicker vegetation!!

On returning to camp at 15:30 I realized we had not done more than 60 km the entire day!!!

Lovely sightings of Tawny Eagles as well as Bateleur were also seen!!!

9 August 2015

Today was known as 'day of Elephant' due to the amount of elephants seen throughout todays drive.

10 August 2015

We set off on our last and very short drive in bitterly cold conditions!!!

Having not really good pics of Warthog and Waterbuck, we were really pleased to find them up close!!!

At a close by waterhole we came across Giraffe which is always a bonus!!!

We returned to Nelspruit reminiscing about a trip that just went too fast!!!!

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