Tuesday, August 4, 2015

On safari with Mark

30 July 2015

Today's highlights:

Early morning we headed North of skukuza and found a herd of buffalo that had just crossed the road. While watching this we looked down the road to find a massive male lion come walking up towards us. His focus changed as he got closer and all of a sudden the hunt was on. He used our car to shield him from the buff as he closed the gap between hunter and hunted. As he broke clearance the herd started to run and 5 other massive male lions helped run after them. We not sure if they were successful as they ran out of sight, but one thing for sure is its impressive to see such a massive cat hunting.

Our second highlight was on our return to skukuza we found a beautiful leopard lying idle on a rock on the sabi river. Great photos and fantastic time with this beautiful creature.

General sightings included: Impala, waterbuck, steenbok, common duiker, giraffe, elephant, warthog, sable, kudu, crocodile, hippos, buff and rhino.

31 July 2015

Our highlight for the day was when Curtis gave us a call and informed us of 3 cheetah lying on a termite mound and we responded and found them. This was great as we had time to sit and enjoy with nothing rushing us.

Our following highlight was a herd of elephant that headed down to a drinking hole and great photos could be taken of them walking in a long line with the "typical African backdrop". Wow could be a nice poster on the wall.

General animals: Impala, kudu, zebra, warthog, waterbuck, giraffe, common duiker, steenbok, baboons, vervet monkeys, mongoose and many bird species.

That's all for now and let's hope the guests get to see lots on their sunset drive

1 August 2015

Today a highlight had to be early morning, we were called to a leopard sighting where Mom and cub had just caught an impala and dragged it up the tree. This was great to see and guests got good photos of the young cub as it walked to investigate what mom was doing. After spending some time with them we decided to move on and allow others to also see this beautiful animal.

Our second highlight was on the way back to camp in the late afternoon, we came across a pack of Dogs (8) on the hunt. This was incredible to see as all were focused on the herd of Impala they were after. We lost sight of them as they continued running after them and then it was time to head to camp.

2 August 2015

On our return with new guests we found elephant, buffalo and rhino in the road. The highlight must of been the wild dogs that popped out in front of our car and to started heading down the road. 2 different packs of dogs on 2 consecutive days.

General animals:

Impala, warthog, giraffe, waterbuck, kudu, steenbok, common duiker, zebra  

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