Friday, July 17, 2015

On Safari With Curtis 15/16 July 2015

15 July 2015

This morning was another cold overcast start but the sun did appear at least giving us a lovely warm day.

Our first highlight was an amazing lion sighting. After being told about lions we were disappointed to arrive at the location to find they had gone. As we drove around the area looking for the slightest sign of them we stopped at a large bull kudu.

We sat at this sighting for a couple of minutes when I heard what sounded like a lion roaring. It took a second roar for me to be certain what I had heard... And the kudu heard it as well!!!

We started to search again in vain for about ten minutes, up and down the road when, just as we had given up hope, suddenly a massive male lion walked out of the bush right next to our vehicle. He moved onto the road and walked down the road for a kilometer or so constantly roaring.

An incredible sighting, reward for a bit off patience and a massive chunk of lucky timing.

Our second highlight was later in the day at transport dam. As we approached the dam we spotted a herd of 100 buffalo down at the waters edge taking a drink.

As we got into the clearly not only were the Buffalos drinking a herd of elephants were also drinking, four giraffe took turns to come and get a drink, the resident hippos were around and we also had zebra and waterbuck and impala as well as numerous bird species. A truly wonderful sighting which if time had permitted myself and the guests would have been there for hours.

Also seen slender mongoose, vervets , baboons, a very brief leopard, warthog, rhino and common duiker.

Birds included the very rare southern ground hornbills and saddle billed storks as well as a lot more.

16 July 2015

This morning was the final morning for some of our guests and we took a nice drive around the local roads.

Our first highlight was a fabulous buffalo herd, we had seen signs of their presence scattered all over the road and then found them around the corner. Plenty of the herd had crossed the road already but we had plenty left to watch and so we spent a good thirty minutes watching as the herd slowly crossed over in front of us.

Our second highlight was right at the end of the drive when two white rhino popped up out of nowhere, we again gave them space and in there own unhurried time crossed the road in front giving us another great sighting to add to the list.

Other species seen were: reedbuck, bushbuck, duiker, a family of elephants and a couple of males, shy dwarf mongoose, Impala, zebra, kudu, hippo , vervets and waterbuck.

Then time to say farewell to Allyson, Brian, Jonathan, Luke and Sam.

Great having you on tour, been an absolute pleasure having you and enjoy the rest of your travels here in South Africa.

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