Thursday, May 7, 2015

On Safari With Karen 6 May 2015

6 May 2015

This morning we set off for another game drive. We were lucky to get a brilliant rhino sighting where a bull chased two girls. He first showed up in the middle of the road showing off all his brilliance. But after posing, he got more interested in the two girls close by. He started to get close to them but they were not interested at all in his advance’s. The moment he would come within 5 meters of them they would take a run for it. While we were watching in silence the rhinos forgot we were there and then suddenly stumbled upon the car. It gave them quite a fright and stuck between a rock and a hard place we had a stalemate for a while. But then the bull advanced again an off the two girls went. The bull snorted at us as if we had chased them away from him.

Just around the corner though we got the fright of our lives. In the middle of the road, sunning to get warm laid a Mozambican spitting cobra! And it was a massive one. It got quite a fright from our appearance too and it instantly reared in full defense mode: a third of its body was up in the air and it flattened its neck and opened its mouth wide at us. It didn't spit, but we went in full reverse to give it some space. It then slowly went off in the grass. As one of the guests is terrified of snakes we waited a while to give it time to slither away and then passed safely.

Other interesting sightings: a giraffe with two babies and she was munching on some very big fruit, an elephant up close and a herd of elephants we heard eating in the bush but could not see, zebras, waterbucks, grey common duikers, kudus, vervet monkeys, buffalo bulls, a hippo, woolly-necked storks, crocodile, dwarf mongooses, klipspringers, saddle billed stork, rhinos meeting and greeting, vervet monkeys, lots more white rhinos in small groups and impalas.

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