Friday, May 15, 2015

On Safari With Karen 14 May 2015

14 May 2014

The Sundwner Safari is one of those drives that we call a hit or miss drive. Somehow it is either a great success with lots of animals showing themselves during the drive, or it is super quiet and you'll be lucky to see an impala. However in wintertime you can usually count on a lovely sunset :-).

Today it was one of those awesome drives where the guests were treated to a lovely sunset, a glass of amarula and on top of that plenty of animals. Apart from impalas, a kudu bull, baboons, dwarf mongooses and a spotted genet, the highlights of today's drive was seeing two cheetahs together (briefly as they walked off into the grass as soon as they spotted the vehicle), a sighting of about 8 wild dogs, a rare find, and an amazing herd of buffalo (which was consisting of 100s and 100s of buffalos if you ask the guests)!

All in all a great start of our safari!!

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