Friday, April 24, 2015

On Safari With Karen 23 April 2015

23 April 2015

As it was already our last morning we set off early again. Compared to yesterday the skies were now clear and we saw the last stars disappear from sight when the sun came up. Apparently not every animal was up for this early morning as we encountered two white rhinos that were still falling asleep while they were standing in the middle of the road. They would slowly droop their head all the way to the floor and then slowly their eyes fell closed, and after a brief snooze they jerked awake again. Guess us humans are not the only ones needing coffee to wake up in the morning... But as they were in no hurry to move off and we did not want to disturb them we turned the car and took a different route.

We then encountered a herd of buffalo. Here as well most buffalos were still lying down but at least most of them had their eyes open. However they didn't appreciate our morning visit as more of them got up and gave us a very angry look. Especially the last ones standing up gave us a look like we were the cause of them having to get up this morning and they so did not appreciate the wake-up call. So where the rhinos might have needed some coffee, these buffalos seriously were having a grumpy mood this morning! Instead of feeling sorry for them though, their grumpiness made us giggle but we left them in peace after that.

Other interesting sightings: leopard tortoise, slender mongoose, giraffes, a large elephant bum, dwarf mongooses sunning themselves, hippos, egyptian geese, waterbucks, blacksmith lapwings making babies, little bee-eaters, lots of kudus including some beautiful males, impalas, a dungbeetle rolling it's leftovers from breakfast to burry it for later, warthogs, a blind snake and klipspringers.

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