Tuesday, February 10, 2015

On Safari With Karen: 7 February 2015

7 February 2015

On our full day game drive we had once again many highlights, but the best one was when we were enjoying the view on top of Mathekanyan. We were suddenly visited by a small troop of baboons that came walking up the hill and started munching on seeds in a little patch of grass in the middle. Apparently they disturbed a scrub hare as it suddenly bolted out of the grass. Well, you might have heard it, but in Kruger: whatever you do, you don't run. Only food runs in Kruger. Guess the scrub hare was to scared to remember and the big male baboon grabbed the opportunity. He chased the scrub hare around the rock and then a swipe, two squeals and a growl and it was over. Astonished about this sighting we watched him tear the scrub hare in pieces and have a lovely meal. Only then we realized we were actually still standing outside the car... But the baboon didn't seem to mind as long as we kept our distance. When the rest of his troop came to investigated he took the pieces and ran away, unwilling to share his surprise winnings.

Prior to this sightings we already had come across lions. Twice to be exact, but the first sighting was one of the best. At Transport Dam three young males were hanging out in the shade. As the shade of the next bush was better they got up one by one and moved. But then this big bull elephant comes striding over the dam wall to have a cool drink of water. The lions got up and scamper while the elephant drinks its fill. When he has had enough he walks off, the three lions actually return and have a drink of water themselves. And then went back to the shady spot to have a lie down again as if nothing happened.

Other interesting sightings were numerous: a third lion sighting, elephant herds crossing, a dung beetle rolling a dung ball, lilac-breasted and European roller, nyalas, woodlands kingfishers, yellow-billed kite, impalas, impressive kudu bulls, Speke's hinged tortoise as well as leopard tortoise, water monitor, giraffes, a tree full of carmine bee eaters, more baboons (now known as bunny killers), warthogs, vervet monkeys, crocodile, spider-hunting wasp, dwarf mongoose, bateleur, white-backed and hooded vultures, hippopotamus, and plenty of additional birds.

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