Monday, November 7, 2016

On safari With Kara From 3 November 2016

3 November 2016

Today was a good day. We were blown away by the amount of special sightings we had.

From a baby baboon hanging onto his moms belly while another sibling tries to steel him away. To two giraffes trying to mate and help the population grow.

Some mongoose were starting to become active from their termite mounds and having to make peace with sharing it with Large Plated Lizards.

The 2 cheetahs lying asleep under a sickle bush was a biiig bonus for our morning drive. Which we were very grateful for.

A big herd of buffalos also came down to a nearby dam to drink water later on and take a swim.

Not only did the buffalos enjoy the water in the heat of the day but also 2 male elephants were climbing on top of one another in Nyamundwa dam.

4 November 2016

Today we had to say goodbye to our two Finnish Guests after yet a lovely game drive. Having seen a male lion lying next to the road and later Giraffes crossing the road.

A few hyenas also came to sniff our bumper and a elephant came to show us his size and remind us to have a healthy amount of respect for him.

My highlight was three male elephants trying to all squeeze themselves under one tree and pushing and shoving to fit.

5 November 2016

Being our last morning together with my last remaining guests we still saw a few new species.

One being 2 klipspringers on a rocky outcrop eating from a marula and followed by a few reedbuck grazing in-between zebras.

A sable also walked next to a stream in the morning light.

Followed by a baby giraffe whom was sure he is a impala socializing between the herd.

As always it tough to say goodbye to Sebastian and Manuel after laughing and spending allot of time together. But all fun things need to come to an end.

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