Thursday, November 3, 2016

On Safari With Kara From 1 November 2016

1 November 2016

After picking up and the checking my guests from France and Finland into our camp.

We set off on our first afternoon game drive. It could not have gone better.

Our highlight was the male leopard that was climbing down a hill and then crossed the road right in front of us in the road.

Soon after we had a big herd of elephants crossing the road and a few kilometers later buffalos blocking our way.

Ending our drive with a family of zebras heading to their resting place.

2 November 2016

Our morning drive went even better than the first finding a male lion fast asleep on his back warming his belly in the soft sun.

Later there were 2 beautiful big male rhinos grazing along the road with oxpeckers on their backs.

My day was made after I got my 2nd pair of black cuckooshrike's jumping around and a grey headed gull sipping water.

We had twice the chance to spend a lot of time with a clan of hyenas with babies sniffing the car and suckling from the mom.

On our way out there was a Male Sable antelope crossing the road.

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