Friday, October 7, 2016

On Safari Wth Kara From 3 October 2016

3 October 2016

After checking in at our camp, Lawrence, Stacey and I started off with our first drive in Kruger.

Our first animal was spotted by Stacey, a big herd of Impalas grazing along the road from there I was happy to discover that anything small and fluffy will make her happy and Lawrence who’s favorite animal is an Elephant had no expectations therefore we saw loads.

We found masses of those two species and in between were surprised by a lot of pregnant Zebra's and Kudu's with the rainy season approaching.

4 October 2016

They definitely brought the cold weather with them from the UK but that luckily didn't keep the animals from appearing close to the road.

Our highlights was the two teenage White Rhinos who we could watch for quite a while and then see them cross the road.

Later we were surrounded by a huge herd of Buffalo's. Then the amazing spot by Stacey was a incredible female leopard lying on a termite mound in the shade of a Jackal berry waiting for the sun to go down. Keeping a watchful eye on any snack that might stroll by unaware of her.

5 October 2016

Early in the morning while the doe was still on the grasses we got a heads up on 2 cheetahs and being my first in a while we had some celebrations on the vehicle early on. We visited the river areas of the Reserve and there in the heat of the day we found them watching a Stampede of Elephants playing in the water even climbing on top of one another.

Our day ended with a pair of Lions mating in the open.

6 October 2016

Our last few hours together we got to add a few new species to our adventure which were a baby Reedbuck with mom, a Martial eagle, a Rock Monitor and a Blue Headed Agama.

All in all nature did not disappoint us.

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