Thursday, October 6, 2016

On Safari With Amanda From 4 October 2016

4 October 2016

Today I collect 2 new guests, Donna from Singapore and lindsey. 

We arrived at Nkambeni and after lunch and a siesta my guests went on a sunset drive.

The highlight of their sundowner was the 2 leopards they saw! One was relaxing on a termite mound and the other one they saw on the way back to camp... slowly walking in the road towards Nkambeni camp, very lucky. 

5 October 2016

We decided to do a full day today as tomorrow the temperature is set to reach 38° so nicer to do a drive in comfortable temperatures. 

Driving slowly along albesini we saw a few cars ahead, Indicating there was something good ahead..2 cheetahs to be precise! Very lucky sighting seeing as there's less than 300 left!

After spending some time with the cheetahs we went to skukuza for coffee. 

A short drive along eloff road gave a brief visual of a leopard on the other side of the river. 

After lunch we decided to head back to camp along Doispan road, a good decision as roughly 4 kms along we came across 2 mating leopards, incredible to see. We sat and watched as they lay in the shade, as it was getting quite hot, my guests happy and we drove off as it seemed the honeymoon couple were having a siesta.

At the dam we came across elephants swimming, hippos lying in the sun, crocodile resting and lovely impala coming down to drink. Not more than 500m from the dam we came across another honeymoon couple, lions this time!

An incredible day in the Kruger for my guests and tomorrow is another day with possible surprise ahead.

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