Wednesday, September 14, 2016

On Safari With Kara From 12 September 2016

12 September 2016

I collected Francesco and Nuria from White river and headed to Numbi where we started our first game drive. As we drove through the gate we spotted two teenage bull elephants enjoying the shade.

Along the way we were surprised by a female giraffe and young making their way towards the road for us to view them really well. The favorite animal of Nuria as well.

After that the day was followed by allot of rhinos which is quite special with the species drastically decreasing, dazzles of zebras and families of warthogs.

13 September 2016

Started of right after breakfast. Again we were greeted by elephants at the gate while entering. While following a dirt road we noticed impalas alarm calling. We looked with binocular and saw a leopard that just got caught stalking the impalas. He then casually walked off and gave up on the hunt. No use trying if they know he is there.

Stopped for lunch at Afsaal picnic spot. Afterwards we got quite a few rhinos sleeping and kudus eating in the shade.

It was a cool and windy day. That helped finding a lot of bird sightings one of which was a Verreaux's eagle owl on a nest and Wahlbergs eagles.

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