Friday, September 16, 2016

On Safari With Kara 14 September 2016

14 September 2016

Today we started off our safari early to catch the gate when it opens up. 

Safaris definitely are not only about the big and beautiful creatures but the small and unique animals play such a big role in the ecosystem.

We were able to sit with some dwarf mongooses waking up and starting to emerge from their resting places in termite mounds.

When we stopped for a breakfast picnic we learned about a Female Natal Franklin and her 5 babies how protective they are and how similar human and animals are even though we are sometimes far removed.

Later we were pleasantly surprised by Rhinos walking in the road towards a pan after a hundred meters or so of playing follow the leader with rhinos swerved off the road and we headed to the pan where there were 1 male and 3 female lions sleeping unaware of the rhinos heading their way. Waiting patiently to the ciaos to arise. Soon the rhinos came drinking without even realizing the lions were there. Lions not daring to move. One sneezed and the rhinos charged in and chased them. 

The morning drive ended off with a proper zebra crossing, more or less 10 zebras running across the road.  After that I dropped of my guests and we both hit the road on our way back after a memorable safari.

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