Wednesday, September 7, 2016

On Safari With Amanda From 5 September 2016

5 September 2016

Today I collect John and Carol from Chicago, their first time in Africa to celebrate 30 years of marriage! 

On arrival at camp a light lunch before a sundowner drive where they came across some lovely Elephants and were then surrounded by over 100 buffalo much to their excitement. A lovely supper in the boma followed by an early night.

6 September 2016

We headed off bright and breezy for a full days drive, temperature expected to reach a max of 36°c.

We were on the hunt for Giraffe, carols favorite and after a while we saw 4, one crossing the road. Despite the drought the majority are looking in good condition. 

After a much needed coffee we set off again, we found lions in the river bed, very difficult to spot but always nice.

Heading down a dirt road we came across a beautiful bull rhino relaxing in the shade, always good to see.

Further down are some beautiful granite rock formations and there lying lazily lay the king of the park, a majestic lion fast asleep. We switched off and sat watching him and then to our surprise came another male to greet him, incredible. 

We sat and watched for a while and then made our way back to camp, seeing elephants cooling off in some water was very rewarding. 

An early supper ready for tomorrow's drive.

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