Thursday, August 11, 2016

On Safari With Amanda From 7 August 2016

7 August 2016

Today I pick up 5 new guests for safari, 2 from the Netherlands, 2 from Indonesia and Matilda from France. 

After checking into camp, we relaxed before heading out on a drive, Mike and Dewa were on a sunset drive from camp and the rest of us headed into the park.

A distant Giraffe was spotted and then a lovely herd of Elephants crossed the road in front of us including a tiny baby, very cute.

We checked around the koppies and 3 klipspringers, fantastically camouflaged, were lying catching the last of the hot afternoon sun.

More zebras, kudus and impalas on the way back to camp where we all had a lovely buffet supper before heading off for an early night.

8 August 2016

With expectations high for us finding cats today we set off. The morning was bright and quite chilly along the napi road again lovely Elephants far in the distance close by the dam so we headed there hoping to maybe catch them. What we didn't expect to find on the dam wall were 3 lions looking glorious in the early morning sun!

Totally unexpected and once they realized we were watching them after 10 minutes they wandered out of view into the thick bush. That's the way great sightings happen when you least expect.

Lunch at pretoriouskop after a full day, no leopard, but there's always tomorrow.

9 August 2016

Our last morning drive around the pretoriouskop area with lovely general game. We sat and watched vervet monkeys alarm calling and looking in a westerly direction, the call was for a predator so we watched where they were looking and drove slowly around, there was definitely something bothering them, possibly the resident male leopard after 10 minutes of looking, the vervet monkeys stopped calling, although we didn't find the leopard it was still exciting to look for it!

So another safari ends as my guests head off home after spending 5 weeks in this beautiful country.

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