Friday, April 15, 2016

On Safari With Mark From 11 April 2016

11 April 2016

After meeting my clients in Nelspruit we set off for the Kruger National Park. Once we had entered we went directly for a lunch break and then set off late afternoon for skukuza. Fantastic drive as we saw buffalo, elephant and rhino all cross the road in front of us. Spectacular elephant bull sighting with him walking down the road making us reverse for approximately 1,5kms.

12 April 2016

This morning we took a ride to lower Sabi and the first animals for the day were a lioness and sub adult Male lion lying in the dry riverbed watching us go by. Although it was in the distance it was still fantastic to see. Down the road 2 lioness walked out in front of our car and walked alongside us for approximately 200m before diapering into the thicket.

Not 1kms from that we were graced by a male Leopard lying on the side of the road and after a while decided to move off into the thickets as well.

The afternoon drive produced a further 2 leopard sightings. One was busy eating an impala. It must of caught it fairly recently as there was still lots of meat on it. Further down the road we found the 3rd one lying In a dry river bed and as we got there so it got up and started to walk and scent mark towards us. Sad that we couldn't stay until it crossed the road as we had to get back to camp by gate closing times.

13 April 2016

We decided to travel towards Pretoriuskop in search of other leopards, lions, cheetah or wild dogs and none of them found for the day. Although general game was spotted during the course of the morning, it was great to show my guests other parts of the Kruger and all of them enjoyed the landscapes and different vegetation.

On our return to camp for the morning drive, we found a male lion. This lay a distance from our car but all my guests could see him well. Great photos could be taken.

Once back in camp, it was time to relax until the evening drive. On the drive they managed to spot 2 lioness of which one decided to walk straight past the car. Great experience that one.

14 April 2016

This morning we left for Olifants and had many highlights along the way.

Although the cats were scarce today, the rest of the animals were out in full force.

We got brilliant sightings of zebra, warthog, kudu, steenbok, common duiker, waterbuck, giraffe, blue wildebeest, croc, hippos, mongoose, chackma baboons, vervet monkeys.

Clients are very happy with the safari and what Kruger has offered them.

Tomorrow, it's down to Nkambeni and we trust it will be yet another fantastic day filled with great animal sightings and brilliant weather.

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