Monday, April 18, 2016

On Safari With Amanda From 17 April 2016

17 April 2016

A new safari and new guests from Canada and the UK.

A gloriously sunny day in the park today as we left for an afternoon drive. 

First animals we came across were giraffe, top on my guests list of favorite animals.

We watched them browsing and munching away before they headed off out of sight.

A nice drive around the koppies and we spotted a couple of klipspringers resting on a rock. 

Zebras alarm calling and a couple of cars in front of us and we knew something exciting was there...we missed the leopard by minutes apparently! That's how it goes in the bush right time right place. We watched the adult zebras stand protectively around a young zebra and in the background was a lone wildebeest and buffalo!

An update from one of our guides informed me of wild dogs, 5 of them basking in the sun and they were still there when we arrived. Incredible to see as there are roughly only 250-300 left in the park.

So we headed back to camp after a very rewarding drive but not before a lone bull elephant prevented us from getting to the gate! We followed him as he ambled slowly along the dirt road before turning off and heading into the bush.

Tomorrow is another day in the Kruger and after a filling supper we all turn in for an early night.

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