Wednesday, April 13, 2016

On Safari With Amanda From 11 April 2016

11 April 2016

Today I received 8 new guests a family of 4 from the USA, a honeymoon couple also from the USA and 2 guests from the UK. 

After a lunch at pretoriouskop we headed for home for the next 3 nights, skukuza. A beautiful afternoon ahead of us with the golden hour approaching.

First animals we saw was a lovely herd of Elephants crossing the road with a few young ones in the herd! Zebras and lots of impalas and there by the side of the road were 2 bull rhinos, always an absolute pleasure to see in these times.. not more than 200m on the road were another 2 so incredibly lucky.

On arrival at camp we checked in and had a lovely supper and an early night for tomorrow's drive.

12 April 2016

Early departure for us from camp and not long along the road and we came across 2 lions, a male and a female, they were resting very well camouflaged on the sand bank. More elephants and some beautiful giraffe crossing the road too.

Driving along towards lower sabie walking in the road came 2 female lions we managed to get pictures before they went off into the bush out of sight. Not more than 300m from the lions, lying on the side of the road was a huge male leopard, we saw him for literally minutes before he too headed off out of sight!

Other animals seen were hyenas, nyala antelope and kudu.

A fantastic morning guests are on a sunset drive tonight so hopefully they will experience the nocturnal world!

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