Monday, March 7, 2016

On Safari With Gert and Robbie with the Wharton University Group 5 March 2016

5 March 2016

We departed early for our morning Game Drive, amid slightly overcast conditions and a beautiful morning it was as the sunrise turned he clouds various shades of pink and orange!

Our first highlight of the morning came when we found 6 young Spotted Hyenas, about 5 months old, running down the road between den sites! They were quite skittish though and continued straight into the den and out of sight as soon as they got there.

Shortly after that we encountered a large herd of buffalo, a good few hundred strong, on both sides of the road and crossing. It was a mixed herd consisting of large males, many females and a high number of very young calves. We also encountered a high number of Elephant Bulls, some solitary, others walking together and in one instance also found a White Rhino in close proximity to some of the bull Elephant.

One of the other highlights of the morning was finding a pair of Lions, male and female, rather lazy, but lying only about 20 meters off the road. Even though they were hiding in the shade, the male had his head up for the most part and looked in our direction often enough to get a few shots and some good views!

After a stop at a nearby viewpoint, it was time to return to camp for a late breakfast and some relaxing time during which the pool proved quite popular, as the day had warmed up significantly by now.

In the afternoon we visited a couple of waterholes, where sightings was dominated by elephant, as we found 2 breeding herds and a variety of males near the herds. We also found the first Hippos of the tour and a good variety of water birds, including Saddle-billed, Wooly-necked and Black Storks! Other birds we found during the course of the day, worth a mention, was a family of Southern Ground-Hornbill as well as a Secretary Bird on the prowl for unsuspecting prey.

All in all a good variety of sightings and a very successful day!

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