Tuesday, March 15, 2016

On safari With Gert 14 March 2016

14 March 2016

After an early breakfast, we set out for our morning Game Drive amid cool and cloudy conditions. Although there was a fair bit of rain around we managed to escape most of it during our drive. As there was also a bit of a chill factor due to the wind, our first hour or so was relatively quiet.

However, we were lucky enough to find a few Spotted Hyena out of their den, one crossing the road in front of us on approach and heading off into a thicket, while another was lying by the den entrance; barely giving the passing vehicles a second glance! Not too long after that we came across a small crash of 3 White Rhino, consisting of 2 adult females and a calf of just over a year old, grazing on the fresh grass after the recent rains. Although they were partly obscured by some bushes and a large termite mound we managed to get a decent view and some pictures before they headed back into the thicket.

We had a pretty good morning for  reptile sightings as we found both Hinged- and Leopard Tortoise, Marsh Terrapin, Giant Plated-lizard and Nile Monitor; all in or right next to the road!

The highlight of the morning was our first elephant breeding herds of the Safari, as we found 2 herds in close proximity of each other. Both were on the move and feeding as they did so. The second herd was near the road and we got a very good look at them, including a calf of just about a year old. The first herd we found was quite large with about 40 members, including 2 very active young males, about 3 and 5 years old respectively. These 2 were the main attraction as they chased each other back and forth playfully, the prize apparently a stick, as this changed hands (or trunks) every now and then and invariably the one in possession of this highly regarded piece of vegetation was the one being chased by the other! We observed their antics for some time, before they moved deeper into the bush and it was time for us to move on.

Another good day with great variety, even though we had little luck with the cats today!

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