Monday, February 8, 2016

On Safari With Mark 3-4 February 2016

3 February 2016

So we decided to head up north, showing my Lovely clients the Mopani Veld and how diverse the Kruger can be. While driving we spot a female cheetah walking in the road with her cub. Amazing to see this and after approximately 300m, she moved off the road while the little one tested its speed running away and then running back at Mom.

It's real special sighting like this that makes the north so fantastic. After a good drive and a very late breakfast we headed back down to Lataba for a relaxing afternoon as the guests were booked on the sundowner.

This proved special as they spotted a lion cub playing in the dry river bed. Seemed strange though as they didn't get a glimpse of the adult.

4 February 2016

On this morning we headed further down south and had many fantastic sightings of Elephant, rhino and buffalo. With the one animal hiding away that the guests had come to see was the lion.

After breakfast we climbed back into the Safari car and headed out again looking for this. No sooner had my lovely clients told me that they wanted to see a Male lion, was I alarmed by an impala standing looking over a rocky outcrop blowing warning barks. Vwala....... A male lion got up from where he was lying and moved majestically parallel with the road. This grabbed my attention and then we spotted the entire pride of 4 females and 6cubs. After spending 1.5hrs with these beautiful animals we headed back to camp so that my Lovely clients could rest they were booked onto a night drive,

What a awesome safari so far with so many brilliant sightings and I just thank the bush for giving us this humble experience going down as one of the safaris I will talk about for ages.

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