Wednesday, January 6, 2016

On Safari With Karen 5 January 2016

5 January 2016

Our morning drive was short but sweet as we sat and watched a herd of buffalos passing by. There was lots of action as some buffalos were eating, there was a lot of moo-ing and animals crossed in front and behind us. One cow decided to take a break and have a short mud bath while the rest passed her by and only getting up just when the herd was leaving. We were watched by plenty of buffalo which stopped chewing mid-chew just to check us out. And we even saw mating buffalos (although she wasn't too keen and didn't want to stand still). 

The fact that there was a white rhino watching close by made it even more interesting. She looked like she was protecting a youngster that was still snoozing and therefore lying down. She didn't waver far from the other rhino, but kept a close watch on the passing herd of buffalo. They came within 5 meters of each other but they just passed by. 

In the afternoon we saw the first giraffe for some guests and it was high on their "want-to-see"-list. It was a small group of 5 giraffes with four of them hiding in the bush, and 1 standing in the road. This young lady decided to pose and then make some room on the road and stand in the shade under a tree for a while. It was thoroughly enjoyed as she gave us many great pictures!

Other interesting sightings: a crocodile, a hippo head, impalas, waterbucks, elephants, zebras, kudus, a sable bull, tsessebe and vervet monkeys. 

Birds included a tawny eagle, blacksmith lapwings, yellow-billed kite, European rollers, African fish eagles, grey heron, white-breasted cormorants, yellow-billed stork, wooly necked stork and goliath heron.

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