Tuesday, January 5, 2016

On safari With Karen 4 January 2016

4 January 2016

This morning we had a lovely drive with lots of white rhino activity. We spotted some fresh tracks of a mum and youngster and we followed it along the road for quite some time. We weren't alone in doing so as we suddenly stumbled upon a male white rhino! He was sniffing around the tracks and then walked up into the bush. We never got to see the mum and youngster though as a little further on their tracks disappeared into the bush too. 

A second sighting was very interesting as two males had just been in a fight. We arrived at the aftermath of it all and followed the biggest bull along the road. He was scent marking about every 5 meters so we assumed he was the winner even though he was injured on his face. We followed him for a while and as he was crossing the road left to right and back we got some nice shots!

Our second highlight were two little steenboks. They were grazing when we arrived and totally forgot about us as they came lying in the shade next to the road right next to the car. We didnt want to disturb them so we waited taking lots of pictures of these cute animals. When they had gotten up again we starting the car and off they went. 

Other interesting sightings: two sable bulls, common grey duiker, vervet monkeys, impalas, zebras, buffalos, two bulls elephants which had made havoc on camp road and kudus. 

We said goodbye to Sarah, Elise, Sarah, Caitlin, Sarah (yes, 3x Sarah!), Catherine, Corina and Eric who would travel on to various destinations. I hope you enjoyed your safari and maybe we'll see you again some day. 

Then we welcomed Henna and Jalal and we went straight out on game drive, even though the day was getting very hot already. But it was a good drive, especially since they are only here one night. 

Our highlight was seeing our first elephants. They were pretty close and walking through the bush towards the road. So we gave them some space and sure enough they crossed the road. One elephant thought it was necessary to tell us that he was crossing the road and we better not come any closer which gave us a nice show of flapping ears. But there was plenty space and all the elephants went safely across towards where they know there is a waterhole. 

Other interesting sightings: steenboks, waterbucks, sleeping lions, warthogs with piglets, plenty zebras, impalas, a white rhino sleeping, a herd of buffalo crossing, kudus, vervet monkeys, and giraffes.

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