Friday, January 29, 2016

On Safari With Amanda 28 January 2016

28 January 2016

Another fantastic day in the park. Beautiful and cool today with lots of clouds around.

We set off at expectations order of the day! Driving on the dirt road a troop of over 20 baboons all walking in single file breezed casually past us, further up banded mongoose ran across the road noisily. A beautiful elephant greeted us on the way to shithave dam too.

At the dam we all got our binoculars out to check the birds, African fish eagle, blacksmith lapwings and Egyptian geese all on the edge of the dam, I look into a distant marula and there comfy as anything a lovely leopard so relaxed! We sat for 2 hours and watched it move a couple of times and there he stayed the whole day!

Our 2 new guests arrived we wanted them to see the leopard so we collected them at numbi gate and drove off to the dam...and there he was still sleeping!

The golden hour was upon us and we headed off after half an hour and there blocking our drive was a beautiful white rhino. Very relaxed and walking out in front of him came a sable...he didn't move just stared at us, I looked and there were 2 Waterbuck also staring behind us.. I look in my side mirrors and there in the road stood a leopard!! We reversed and he was walking at the side of us in the bush the Waterbuck went mad alarm calling...he continued to walk until we lost sight and the Waterbuck ran away.

Always check your side mirrors and take time to stop and watch the animals behavior.. you never know what's behind you! 

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