Tuesday, November 10, 2015

On Safari With Mark From 8 November 2015

8 November 2015

Today it was a day of slowly heading North.

It turned out to be an amazing day with many different brilliant sightings.

One thing that we didn't find was a large herd of elephants. So far we have only either found lone Bulls or 3 together.

Our highlights were: 3 different sightings of lions with a total of 9 lions spotted.

One sighting was of 2 lioness that had just killed a Impala 3m from the road and allowed us to drive up right next to them and take photos while they lay gaining back the breath.

A further highlight for us as we were about to go into camp was we received a tip off about a female leopard and went to see if we could get visual of this magnificent cat.

Our luck was in and we found her lying in a wild fig alongside her steenbok prey.

Lots of it was already consumed and she just lay resting and protecting it for later.

After photos we headed into camp with a sense of achievement.

Tomorrow we on our way to the Rehabilitation Centre for a overnight visit.

9 November 2015

As we were heading to the Rehab Centre for an overnight visit, we decided to take a early morning drive before breakfast.

This drive once again, proved to be successful as we found two new species for our list.

These two were the highlights as both of them were so close to the car you could smell them.

The one was a spotted hyena and the other a black backed jackal.

Both were around in the same area, so I take it there had been some feeding taking place which obviously has attracted these two beautiful animals.

After breakfast it was us and the road to the Rehab. As we were about to exit the park and in temperatures that was melting the tar we drive on so a herd of elephant walked out in front of us on their way to a waterhole for a much deserved drink.

Within 9min all elephants had done what they came to do and were on their way again (I presume to find shade).

That was us happy visitors with great animals and on our way to another part of the tour.

Clients had fun at the rehab center and were able to spend time understanding how the Centre helps wild animals in distress.

As Philip is doing his PhD on birds this was a brilliant experience to have a white back vulture land on his arm. (One wing broken so can't be released back into the wild). With happy faces they were off on their night drive to look for some night life.

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