Thursday, November 12, 2015

On Safari With Karen 11 November 2015

11 November 2015

Today it was a unique day of rare animal sightings!!!

We started of with a black rhino, our first animal seen this morning when we started the drive. Then we caught up with wild dogs which had just made a kill down in the riverbed and came walking up to show us their bloody faces. A rare saddle-billed stork was seen in the riverbed. And then we got rattled at by a honeybadger! Which then fled when we didn't feel threatened, but were really excited. Five sables were drinking in the river. And to top it all off we then saw my first ever PANGOLIN!!! It just ambled along, and we even managed to take pictures (although mine are a bit shaky from excitement...). I am lost for words, absolutely speechless...

Other interesting sightings: 3 lionesses with 4 youngsters, lots of elephant herds with little babies, hyenas, a hippo out of the water, bushbucks, waterbucks, impalas, nyalas, warthogs, zebras, lots of giraffes, beautiful kudu bulls, our first crocodile sighting of this safari, vervet monkeys, baboons, leopard tortoise and marsh terrapin. 

New birds included kori bustards, arrow marked babblers, grey and goliath herons, great white egret, crowned lapwings, white faces ducks, red-faced mousebirds and swainson's spurfowl. 

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