Wednesday, November 11, 2015

On Safari With Karen 10 November 2015

10 November 2015

A start of the day as daylight broke and we were told about a pack of wild dogs not far from Skukuza. We followed the tip and it paid off. We found a pack of about 15 wild dogs snoozing at the side of the road. And they weren't alone. Three spotted hyenas were hanging around hoping the wild dogs would get up and kill something so they could be lucky with some leftovers. But while we were watching them they didn't move much. Just the twitch of the ear and the occasional raise of a head, but nothing else. They were either tired or feigning it to throw the hyenas off in the hope they would give up. Still, finding wild dogs is always a great sighting as they are so rare. And this was a great sighting as they were right next to the road!

Another highlight was being at the right place at the right time when two male lions walked out of the bush. They paused a little bit when they noticed all those people in cars watching them. But then decided to cross anyways and continue walking on the other side. Within 30 seconds they walked through the bushes and within a minute they were completely hidden from sight! We got some nice pictures in the short time span though :-). 

Other interesting sightings: kudus, vervet monkeys, zebras, two sightings of nyala females and males, plenty giraffes, warthogs, a leopard, a herd of elephants, a large herd of buffalos, hippos, more lions, waterbucks, a tree agama, a sable, blue wildebeest, elephant bulls, white rhinos, baboons, side-striped skink, more spotted hyenas and lots of impalas. 

Birds included: a giant kingfisher, an african finfoot (an ever first for me!), blacksmith lapwings, african jacanas, grey go-away birds, Burchell's starling, white-bellied sunbird, yellow-billed hornbill, red crested korhaan, green woodhoopoes, white-backed vultures, hooded vulture, bateleurs, marabou storks, an african fish eagle, brown snake eagle and a lilac breasted roller. 

On their sunset drive the guests saw the same leopard but further away and quite obscured by bushes, southern ground hornbills, a leopard tortoise, a scrub hare, elephants, white rhino mother and youngster, a glimpse of a lesser bushbaby and a hyena. 

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