Thursday, November 5, 2015

On Safari With Gert 4 November 2015

4 November 2015

Setting out on our morning drive bright and early, it was another cool overcast morning, which soon turned sunny and again, very windy.

Although the morning started off quietly, we did have some good general game sightings, including a few quality White Rhino sightings.

One of the early highlights was a large male giraffe on the side of the road. We watched it carefully feeding on a Knobthorn Acacia, it's dark, leathery tongue gingerly pulling the tips of the freshest branches into it's mouth to strip the leaves.

A little further on we noticed a car parked next to a small drainage line. On approach we spotted a beautiful young female leopard, undisturbed by the attention, trying to get some sleep in a open spot in the shade on the bank, sheltered from the wind.

Every so often she lifted her head to get a good look at her admirers before her eyes would fall shut again. She eventually lay down flat on her side and we left the sighting with her still in the same position.

It was also a good day for birding as we found several White-fronted Bee-eaters - which were very high on the wish list - and saw one of them catch a rather large locust which it eventually got down. Another highlight on the birding front was a female Bateleur perched in a dead tree quite close to our vehicle preening herself while showing off her beautiful coloration!

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