Tuesday, November 10, 2015

On Safari With Curtis 9 November 2015

9 November 2015

Lots of great sightings today and it's hard to choose two to write about so we shall go for the ones which the guests enjoyed most!!!

Our first sighting wasn't the best but it involved two animals which everyone really wanted to see, zebra and giraffe!

Four giraffe, including two young males play fighting, and a herd of zebra all feeding in the same area and although there was plenty of bush around all the guests enjoyed their first peeks of these two.

Our second sighting was a double sighting as we found a beautiful female leopard walking alongside the road. As we arrived she stopped and found a nice piece of shade to hide from the exhausting heat.

Lucky she did stop as just two hundred meters further down the road we found a magnificent male lion sat five meters from the road.

Sat up we got loads of photos before it decided to give itself a good clean.
First it's paws and then part of its mane and then it's face.

Just like your domestic cat on a much larger scale!!!

Also seen hyena with young cubs, elephants, white rhino, Vervet monkey, baboon, hippo, crocodile, Impala, steenbok, kudu, waterbuck, blue wildebeest, zebra, warthog and wild dog.

Birds included white backed vulture, hadeda ibis, cape glossy starling, Egyptian geese, cattle egret, African jacana, saddle-billed stork, red-crested korhaan and water thick-knee.

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