Friday, November 27, 2015

On Safari With Amanda From 25 November 2015

25 November 2015

The morning started of nice and cool, we headed out after a quick breakfast for a slow drive to skukuza airport. On the way our guests excited from yesterday's leopard sighting chatted away spotting nice zebras, kudu lots of impalas with their Beautiful babies jumping all around. Lovely woodland kingfishers and nice yellow billed kites were also spotted.

Along the napi road we turned a corner approaching slowly as we spotted something in the distance.. a mammal for sure swaggering without a care in the world.....getting closer we  realized it was a beautiful male leopard!!! He walked along side the vehicle 10 meters away crossing the road without any interest in us!

We watched him for 10 minutes and then he was gone out of sight...the elusive leopard! 
For our American friends their safari was coming to end as we took them to the airport and bid them farewell. The afternoon promised rain and it came down with a vengeance! Another beautiful day in Africa..

26 November 2015

Nice early start this morning, we packed our snacks and drinks and headed off to wherever we wanted to in the park!! We drove around a small loop near camp looking for the resident leopard.. after last night's rain the ground was nice and wet we looked down for fresh track saw some nice buffalo tracks and there they were in front of us!! Lots of babies with their mothers and a huge bull.

Driving around the loop again as I heard the Woodlands kingfisher we passed where we had driven and I looked down to see fresh, fresh leopard they say the leopard will see us before we see them. 

With the temperature rising to 42° we went to skukuza to get fresh ice cold drinks along the way encountering elephant zebras rhinos kudu Waterbuck duiker steenbok and some lovely birds including whitefaced whistling ducks saddle-billed storks tawny eagles and lovely bataluer flying above us. 

Returning to camp it was ice creams and cold drinks all around to celebrate another wonderful day in the Kruger park!

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