Monday, October 19, 2015

On safari With Robbie From 16 October 2015

16 October 2015

On a day where temperatures didn’t rise above 17 degrees we had some superb sightings of Zebra and Giraffe!!

The Zebra on the notorious S100 route were in particular special as some mules had begun to fight and specifically " jump and back kick " like only the Zebra can do!!!!

The photos myself and Gary got of these striped wonders were truly up there!!!

Giraffe spotted close to Nsemani were so special as there were 5 drinking together...

After 15 minutes of " pure poetry in motion " drinking the entire herd approached us as if to officially welcome us to the " central " region of Kruger and try and remove our " obsessive thought pattern of the Majestic North" !!!!!

We came across Ostrich that was extremely close to the road and seemed excessively nervous!!!

The Nwanedzi tar however produced the days best with the new addition to the "Predator list " being added... The spotted Hyena who was suckling her 2-3 week old pups very close to the road!!!!

Vocals, visual, volume of traffic were all 10/10 and thoroughly enjoyed.

Guests then departed on a late night safari.

17 October 2015

On the night drive Wendy and Gary added Civet Cat and large spotted Genet to their ever growing list of Mammals and also spotted something on their " needed" list which was the  Flap Necked Chameleon!!!

Setting out a little later today we came across so much on our way to Pretoriouskop that the entire dinner tonight was focused around selecting "no 1 " sighting!!

To summaries we saw the big 5 twice and 10/10 sightings to boot!!!

However for us was the sighting of 3 Giraffe lying down together in a row preparing for a sleep in increasingly bad light!

Garys comment that the W.Rhino and calf close next to us came a near second!!!

18 October 2015

As much as the previous 7 days were legendary in many ways the epic day of the North to South was mutually agreed by all concerned to be today!!!

There was no real standout sighting but the early morning male Leopard near camp walking literally 1 m from us took first prize!!!!

To turn around and see Wendy in tears and awe at this Leopard was quite something and Gary basically remarked that it was his best sighting of any species in all four trips so far!!!

The late afternoon interaction between Baboons and Wild dogs on the sun lit Sabie river was special!!!

So was the rare sighting of a Trumpeter Hornbill at Pretoriouskop camp being extremely vocal!!!

The lion pride lazing in the open was awesome as were many others!!!

Some that quickly come to mind were the sightings 5/5 of Banded and Slender Mongoose and then a glimpse but a positive id of a Cape Clawless Otter!!!

The mind boggles at today but tomorrow something may crop up that tops them " all " !!!

That is what makes Kruger so unbelievably amazing!!!

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