Wednesday, October 7, 2015

On safari With Robbie 3 - 4 October 2015

3 October 2015
Its incredible how karma works and especially on a game drive!!
Exiting camp with my 2 special Australian ladies .. I heard them say to each other ... " today we are going to respect Kruger and what we see!!!"
Turns out at one particular waterhole we get this ....a) 7 male lions in total, 3 of them feeding vigorously on a Buffalo they killed close by! 2 of them snoozing with perfect visuals opposite the kill on the watering holes bank! 2 of them mating with beautiful females only 60 meters away!!
A herd of Elephant coming down at one stage and chasing the snoozing lads away who then proceeded to cross the road angrily in front of us!!
A herd of Buffalo nervously approaching the waterhole and then stampeding away once they picked up the Lion scent!!!
Herds of Impala, Waterbuck and Zebra drinking with zero interest from the Lions!!!
A Martial eagle surveying the incredible events below him with an attitude of pure endurance!
Lastly a tree Squirrel that entertained us just as much as the Lions did!!!
Before we knew it... It was lunch time where one of the comments from Sue summed it up ... " I went through moments today that haven’t been awakened in me for years!!!"
These 2 ladies showed me the power of bush karma!!!
They expected nothing but everything arrived for them in one particular place .... In by miles the Best Place On Earth!!

4 October 2015
When the word "Epic" is utilized by an Australian to describe the day then one knows it was kind of good!!
We basically set out with the objectives to find the two cat species needed .. Cheetah and Leopard!
To cut some very long stories and jovial expressions short ... The following occurred on safari today:
Time -- 07-23
Location -- 1,6 north of Watergat itself.
Species observed: Cheetah.
Sighting ratio : 10/10!
Time -- 17-10
Location -- Ingwe Donga.
Species observed: female leopard with cub.
Sighting ratio : 10/10!
Incredible sightings of Buffalo, Elephant, W.Rhino, Giraffe, Zebra, Impala, Nyala, Kudu, Hippo and Crocodile as well as Dwarf Mongoose were seen!
4 Raptor species were also spotted!
Tomorrow we set out to tick off: 1) Spotted Hyena and African Wild dog!
Lets see what progresses!

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