Thursday, October 15, 2015

On Safari With Robbie 13-14 October 2015

13 October 2015


Is this day going to be beaten and we didn’t even see 1 predator?????”

I like these type of statements as I then know true friends and dedicated, experienced safari people are on board!!

So the process of a day of note went like this and even this is a summary ...

1) We come across a Black Crake ( a wading bird with striking colours ) that has 2 chicks probably a day old....

2) Wendy and Gary tick off Roan Antelope for the first time in their lives!! The large herd of Roan are in amongst a sighting of the fastest antelope in Africa .. The Tsessebe!! Zebra are all around them too!!

3) Not too further on a Tawny eagle massive in size devours unidentified prey

4) The temperature alone was a highlight as it reached 32 degrees by 9am and peaked at 47 at 15:34 pm!!!!!

5)We saw a) The Worlds largest bird ... Ostrich!
                  B) The Worlds largest Heron ... Goliath heron!
                   C) The worlds largest flying bird ... The Kori bustard! ( this is the 5th sighting of this bird this safari)

6) We witness a Large Adult Fish Eagle on a Steenbok carcass .. Ripping it to shreds..

7) 12 Elephant herds are observed .. Each sighting with its own unique noises, colour, movement and beauty!!

8)All on the vehicle witness in concurrence the smallest Elephant calf of our lives crossing the road step by step underneath its beloved Mom.

9) A group of Nile Crocodile are spotted late afternoon on the banks of the great Shingwedzi river ....... Not one of them is less than 4m long!!!

I write this in absolute awe and respect for an extra ordinary place found in the greatest place on Planet Earth ...... Ie "the Shingwedzi area of Kruger National Park!"

14 October 2015

The epic journey to touch base with the Northern border of Kruger was basically the highlight of today!!

At 23 degrees at 5-45 from Shingwedzi myself, Wendy and Gary set off on a journey few visitors to Kruger experience!!

Comments like " it feels like one is on top of the world" and " this seems like a different Country" were heard and its true!!
Breakfast was at Punda Maria the beautiful camp with a fantastic atmosphere!

On the way there we saw numerous Buffalo herds, kudu, Tsessebe, Giraffe and Zebra drinking which was probably the most perfect photographic opportunity I have ever experienced!!

The bird list grew and the sudden awareness of most trees being gigantic was evident!!!

At pafuri we were entertained by Elephants rolling in mud whilst Buffalo waited patiently to come forth and quench the 43 degree heat thirst!

Nyala, Bushbuck and Vervets were everywhere as were Yellow and Grey billed hornbills!!

At Crookes corner each of us chose a stone ( my colleague Marks great tradition!) which we will carry on our journey until we reach Croc river .. The far most southern Kruger border!!

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