Thursday, October 15, 2015

On Safari With Mark 8 - 13 October 2015

8 – 13 October 2015

So with no sable from the previous day, we decided to head back to Pretoriuskop area to try locate the herds in the area. We were in luck as Curtis knew we were looking for them and called us with a location for them. This was on our road that we decided to travel but now knowing they were there decided to keep going so that we could reach them in decent time. We found them and although they were a distance away we could get great photos of them just as they settled in to rest.

After breakfast, we were driving along when we bumped into another Loan Bull watching us pass. As this animal was closer to our road, it still provided for good photos as they were out in the open.

Down to berg en dal to check in and take the test of the afternoon.

Next morning we were first out of camp and headed up to a popular route for leopard. Didn't happen though but what we did get was a spotted hyena lying in a mud bath 2m from the road.

This turned out to be the highlight of the day and time was spent with them on the early morning drive.

Our drive in the afternoon was rather quiet producing good elephant sightings.

We left camp after the big rush of cars leaving as the gates opened and as it would be all of a sudden while approaching the camp gates out jumped the impala and running across the road, with wild dogs chasing them. This was short lived as the dogs gave up and turned around and headed for the bush were we lost sight of them.

Continued on our drive we saw many great sightings of general game and birds.

Late afternoon and as we returned towards camp we found a beautiful Male leopard 15m in the bush. Although initial sighting was poor it improved as the animal started to move parallel with the road.

This was our last night at the camp and as we were getting use to the fact of having breakfast at 11:40 in the morning, we decided to head to lower sabi and have breakfast there.

This we did and during our drive we came across many different general animal sightings with a phenomenal wild dog sighting of 12 dogs in the pack.

After lunch and an afternoon rest we drove to sunset dam and spent the entire time watching the hippos and bird life crocodile and every now and then a fish that cleared the water surface.

Down the S28 on our morning drive we found 3 cheetah lying on the side of the road and as no one was around we spent 30min before the first car arrived. Down the road was a massive herd of buffalo and past that a male lion was sent marking his territory. With mind blowing sightings like this we returned to camp feeling satisfied with our achievements

Our last morning we were graced with the presence of a civet. Great to see this little guy busy with his last activities before retiring before the heat of the day.

We headed down to skukuza airport and on the side of the road we were yet again graced with more lions lying in the shade. As we had some time to spare we headed down the last road slowly when informed by one of my colleagues that wild dogs were in the area. We responded as this would definitely be the "high" I wanted to send my clients off with. We found them, all 19 lying in the shade.

This was an unbelievable safari with so many great sightings that these tour updates I write just don't do them justice.

With Hugh and Cathy having had a brilliant time, we said goodbye for now.

Ps. With People that Love the bush so much, it was a safari made so easy and confirmation of their Love for it was made by confirming that next September they will both be returning for a .............4 WEEK............ Safari.

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