Thursday, October 15, 2015

On Safari With Karen 13 October 2015

13 October 2015

Today we set off at the crack of dawn in search of some buffalos to complete our Big Five. After passing on the impalas, enjoyed some elephant and white rhinos sightings, we stumbled upon a herd of buffalo that thought it was way too early to get up! We saw two of the herd standing up, but actually, they still looked sleepy. We actually returned later to the same sighting and then the herd had gotten up and started their breakfast. In addition we also had a sighting of some buffalo bulls later on today, so we managed to cross off another big five tick list.

But our highlight this morning was two tiny baby hyenas. Having seen the very pregnant mother just over a week ago it was easy to estimate the age of the pups, and yes, they were still tiny. At first a bit skittish, but then more and more brave they came out of their den and had a little play with mum. They were sooooo cute and cuddly, and like all small animals, so clumsy it made a big smile on our faces.

Personally I could have sat and watched them all day, but that wouldn't have been fair to all the other visitors of the park, so at one point we did have to leave them to continue our drive.

Other animals seen: kudus, elephants, impalas, blue wildebeest, white rhinos, a hippo head bobbing up and down and under water, zebras and giraffes.

An additional highlight was seeing a cheetah just before we had to leave the park. She was hot and therefore lying in the shade, but with binoculars everyone could have a good look at her. And then it was time to really leave the park and go back to Jo'burg for Alyssa, Ozzy, Prejot, Quinn, Jess, and Sunny. I hope they enjoyed their short visit, and especially the great sightings we had in this short time!

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