Monday, October 19, 2015

On Safari With Curtis From 16 October 2015

16 October 2015

The beginning of a new safari and a pretty cold overcast day which turned into a very wet day as the skies opened up!!!

The afternoon seemed fairly quiet but when you add up all that we saw maybe it wasn't as quiet as first thought!!!

The highlight was a lovely family herd of elephants we found at a drinking hole. About ten individuals we had all different sizes and age ranges including a baby less than a year old.

We watched as they drank and then, possibly, the matriarch led them away out of sight.

We also had a nice sighting of three warthog boars next to the road. Not always the most bold of animals but these three were not put off by our presence and continued to dig for any tasty morsels right next to the car.

We also found a leopard lying in the grass, seven very sleepy hyenas, buffalo, Impala, Nyala bulls, bushbuck, steenbok, klipspringer, giraffe, zebra, kudu and hippo.

17 October 2015

Another overcast morning but with a few spots of blue we hoped to see the weather improve.

This morning we hoped to complete the big 5 by finding some lions.
Well it took a while but we eventually found some after getting a tip off from Mark.

We found two sightings just two hundred meters from each other. The first sighting a courting couple who by the looks of it had courted enough as they didn't even have the energy to pop a head up.

The second sighting another courting couple who although didn't mate while we were there did sit up and roll about giving us the opportunity for some decent photos.

Our second highlight was a brief but nice sighting of a honey badger. Too often these sighting are short but on this occasion it was long enough to get a good look at the badger before it moved off.

We also saw two leopards, hyenas, baboon, vervet monkey, elephant, buffalo, white rhino, zebra, giraffe, warthog, kudu, Impala, steenbok, bushbuck, hippo and crocodile.

Birds included a lappet faced vulture, Goliath heron, grey heron, Maribou stork, red billed oxpecker, yellow billed hornbills, bataleur, helmeted guineafowl and tawny eagle.

18 October 2015

An extremely wet start to the day ended up being an extremely hot day by the end and also an extremely good day!!!

Picking just the two highlights is difficult on a day like this but I think the first one has to be our lion sighting.

We initially found a pair right next to the road just relaxing. They then got up and walked across the road to sit with four other lions, three of them smallish Cubs a few months old.

Then out of the bush walked another two females and a male. Then as a whole pride they stood up and walked right next to our vehicle across the road again to be greeted by three more females.

An absolute beauty of a lion sighting especially the interaction between the male and the Cubs who climbed all over him.

Our second highlight was a small group of elephants down at a drinking hole. Five in total but the smallest one stole the show.

The youngster looked no more than a month old but on closer inspection maybe just days old. Still shaky on its legs it struggled to keep close to mum.

It even slipped over into the shallow water with mum quickly giving it a helping trunk to get it back on its feet.

We watched as mum kept the youngster close by protecting it from the sun and any other threats.

Another great experience!!!

We also saw a wonderful leopard sighting, buffalo, white rhino, Impala, kudu, waterbuck, warthog, giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, dozens more elephants including a lot of fighting bulls, sable, hippo, vervets, baboon, crocodile, banded mongoose, common duiker and common reedbuck.

Birds included southern ground hornbills, African fish eagle, pied kingfisher, blue waxbill and lilac breasted rollers.

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