Thursday, October 22, 2015

Nhongo Helping Hand Campaign

Often people in Need, cross our path for a reason and hence why we at Nhongo Safaris decided to start a internal campaign where we can help people as a company.

We not trying to create a welfare fund but rather assist regular people with life's obstacles that seem too Large for them to over come on their own.

Our first Helping Hand is a young Man Rupert Caldwell that suffered a massive car accident, involving him and a truck on 02 June 2015. Doctors gave him very little chance of survival, let alone any type of recovery.

As a fighter, Rupert has pulled through and undergone many grueling hours of operations and intense Rehabilitation.

Due to the massive medical bills, the family wasn't in the position to purchase the much needed Rehabilitation chair he needs with the broken Hip that's not healing.

We decided to offer a free Private Overnight Safari for 2 in Kruger National Park as a prize and people took to the challenge. This proved a massive success and all the much needed funds were raised to purchase the specialized chair.

Although a small gesture from our side, it has a massive impact on Ruperts life, as soon he will be able to sit in a chair that can assist in the Rehabilitation process he so badly needs.

We at Nhongo are just thankful we are able to HELP people in times of need and thought it well to share this with you guys out there.


The Nhongo Team

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