Friday, September 18, 2015

On safari With Gert From 14 September 2015

14 September 2015

Today was the first afternoon on Safari. Upon arrival we were welcomed by a mixed herd of Kudu and Waterbuck as well as a noisy flock of Helmeted Guineafowl on the camp road.

After check-in the afternoon activity was an introductory sunset drive. Braving the slight chill in the air, the guests were treated to sightings of a large herd of Zebra, a few Buffalo and some Giraffe with young; topped off with an African sunset while enjoying some Amarula - just enough to perk their interest and excitement for the days to come!

15 September 2015

Today we had a birthday in the group and from the outset it was clear a special day was on the cards as about 15 minutes into our drive we spotted a beautiful female Leopard on the move. She came out into a clearing and crouched as soon as she realized she had been spotted. She then continued on her way, but moved into the bush until we eventually lost sight of her.

Not long after, we came across a very impressive female White Rhino with a 2 year old calf. They were very relaxed and we sat observing them for quite a while. There was a patch of short, fresh grass close to the road and the guests were intrigued by how their big lips could cut the shortest grass. It was indeed a special experience being so close to these magnificent creatures.

We also found 2 lionesses relaxing on the edge of a riverbed as well as a very large herd of Buffalo on both sides of the road; all of this before our morning coffee break.

As the day warmed up, we were also treated to various elephant sightings, including a herd with small calves crossing the road behind the vehicle and 1 very large male with thick tusks advancing down the road towards us before heading into the bush, he appeared to be a man on a mission and was most likely following the breeding herd close by...

The day was topped off by a delicious boma dinner and a special birthday cake, the perfect end to a great day!

16 September 2015

After loading luggage, we set out on the final morning drive of this safari.

As we have been quite lucky throughout the first few days, the only animals left on the wish list were more cats.

First up we heard rumors of lions along our intended route. We were lucky enough to find 2 big males lazily hiding from the hot morning sun in a thicket, but as they were seemingly being harassed by flies, they were constantly swatting with their tails, shaking their heads and looking around allowing for some decent views even though lying down.

After a brief coffee break at a nearby camp it was time to head towards the gate.

On our way out we came across a leopard hiding in the bank of a drainage line. It was keeping an eye on a family of warthogs coming down to drink, oblivious to the leopards presence.  The leopard very patiently waited for them to get close enough, which just didn’t quite happen. The warthogs eventually moved off and we left the sighting with the leopard still in the same place.

That was mission accomplished and a perfect end to a very successful safari.

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