Friday, August 21, 2015

On Safari With Robbie From 16 August 2015

16 August 2015

We entered the Park in perfect game viewing conditions and on the sunset drive 3 of the big 5 were spotted (rhino, buffalo and elephant).

17 August 2015

Today we started our drive in icy weather conditions. It was a rather quiet day with our highlight being a superb White Rhino sighting.

18 August 2015

There comes a time and yes these types of miracles happen on safari!!!

Yesterday the 4 Indian girls (Whom today are known as the magnificent 7) were in serious gratitude mode despite having seen relatively little!!! As my long term colleague Mark said last night "a bad day out in Kruger is rare!. Things normally turn back the next day!!!

Too true it could not have been.... 6:09am we spotted three wild dogs on the hunt! O6:48am a Cheetah with 1 cub 07:12am 2 leopards chasing 2 Hyena and vice versa!!! O7:39am 1 female Hyena 08:15am 1 lioness and 2 cubs 08:45am leopard.

Elephant, buffalo and W rhino were also spotted.

19 August 2015

Todays guests started a 2 nighter out of Nkambeni and we saw some great general game for a while and then got some luck in with a 3/5 Cheetah sighting which was about 30 meters from the road!

Although they were pretty much flat out sleeping they lifted their heads up at us quite often allowing for some great pics!!!

On returning to camp we picked up some great Elephant and Buffalo sightings!

Tomorrow we chase the sun and look forward to it!!!!

20 August 2015

This time of the year and especially this year due to excessive dryness brings those on safari a fair amount of luck!!!

This morning was no exception where we picked up 4/5 within 7 minutes of entering Numbi gate and a loan wild dog near Pretoriouskop picnic site!!

What was to follow was rather incredible with 3 Leopard sightings, a pride of 13 Lions,11 w.rhino and four herds of Buffalo!!

Our sighting which took the cake towards the end of River road near the Sabie was a relatively large herd of Elephant extremely close in a very open area!

However what made this sighting special was there were 6 little calves literally all of the same size trotting along with their Moms and playing all around!!!

There sure was some unbelievable birth timing amongst this bunch of ever caring females in a magnificent herd!!!

All general game sightings were of a high standard as well and the Hippo pod at Mestel dam was something else!!!

We head out a bit later to cover the koppie roads near camp and cant wait!!!

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