Monday, July 20, 2015

On Safari With Karen 17/18 July 2015

17 July 2015

Our highlight this morning was seeing lion cubs play around. As we arrived at the sighting we were lucky to come into a nice spot where we could see them nicely.

Three of them were tumbling over each other and stalking each other while a fourth was being adventures and explored between the rocks. Mum was there too, but snoozing between the rocks and let them go on. When it was time to go we were unable to move much as a lot of traffic was given us a major traffic jam and we just couldn't get through. However it came with a bonus as the second mother of the cubs (there are two mothers, not sure which has how many cubs on these rocks) came walking through the traffic. She had not a care in the world for the cars and walked up the rocks where she greeted the babysitting mum. And then of course the cubs, who were happy to see her too. When the family went to snooze all together an opening appeared in traffic and we took our opportunity to leave this great sighting. 

This afternoon we came across a crash of four white rhinos. They were walking around in a meadow and then it looked like they might cross. So we sat and waited patiently for the rhinos to investigate us and see if we were any danger to them. A SANParks helicopter was flying over three times around this time and it made the rhinos quite nervous about the strange noises. One of them started to panic, but one of the others put her straight again and all settled down. It settled down enough for the rhinos to finally cross. Well, half-way they did and then stood three in a row looking at us blocking the road, before walking off into the bush on the other side.

Nonetheless giving us a great photo opportunity of this magnificent species!

Other interesting sightings: a steenbok, waterbucks, a lone vervet monkey, hyenas, impalas, elephants, zebras, common grey duiker, reedbucks, a large herd of buffalos crossing the road as well as some lone bulls, kudus and giraffes. 

18 July 2015

On our last morning we experienced how cold it can get during the South African winter in the Lowveld! Wrapped in multiple blankets we set off for our last drive of this safari. It turns out most animals were hiding away from the cold. Smart choice, but therefore a bit of a quiet drive for us. We did see a new animal for the last remaining guests: two klipspringers. These antelopes have a good thermoregulatory fur so the cold didn't bother them at all. 

We also came across our last sightings of elephants, buffalos, zebras, giraffes, kudus, common grey duikers and our last sighting before exiting the park was impalas. Even on the KMI Airport we saw them again! 

I hope all our guests during this safari enjoyed their time with us and I hope they all continued their travels safely. Thank you for joining us George and Timeya, Brent, Niek and Ruth as well as Emilio Sr, Emilio Jr, Daniel and Carmen! Maybe one day we'll see you back with us. 

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