Friday, July 17, 2015

On Safari With Karen 15/16 July 2015

15 July 2015

Last night all guests, including the new arrivals went on a sundowner. It had been overcast all day, but it looked like it was opening up a bit before they left. However, no luck on the actual sunset. It didn't spoil their drinks though. On the way back the also came across a lazy leopard. It was lying on a termite mound and it looked like it was having a lie-in. In the end it rolled over, yawned, and then got up and stalked off.

They also had two different sightings of a genet and saw some nightjars. 

Today we encountered many different animals. As some of our guests just joined us, we paid extra attention to the omni-present impalas. On one of our first sightings we were treated to a show as impalas showing us their white underbellies. As if to say we wouldn't catch them anyways as they are very quick and fit. Well, we weren't going to chase them, but all the jumping around was cool to watch. Some of the males were fighting it out on the sidelines too. 

Other interesting sightings: dwarf mongooses, white and black rhino, buffalo bulls, kudus, waterboks, common grey duiker, impalas, twice a lion(ess), elephants, giraffes, zebras, crocodile, hippos, slender mongoose and 

And don't forget our feathered friends: ground hornbills, lilac breasted roller, African hoopoe, malachite kingfisher, brown hooded kingfisher, Egyptian goose mother with goslings, grey heron, fish eagle and brown headed parrots.

16 July 2015 

This morning we sure had a buffalo morning! First we came across a large herd of buffalo. Upon arriving at the sighting half the herd had crossed and we waited for quite some time for the rest of them to do the same! Then along the way we encountered another five different groups of bulls as well as another small herd. 

Then we also saw three reedbucks. One female and two males. The males were definitely interested in the female and were walking behind her everywhere she went. They even locked horns at one stage to see who was strongest and to impress her, but she walked on without looking back. 

Other interesting sightings: zebras, hippos, crocodiles, elephants, baboons, common grey duiker, impalas, kudus including a nice bull, and waterbucks. 

Birds we saw today included a sadle-billed stork, woolly-necked stork, a pair of fish eagles fishing, white-breasted cormorants, bateleurs and black-collared barbet. 

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