Monday, June 29, 2015

On Safari With Robbie and the Film Crew

25 June 2015

Today we leave the bush camp and head back into the Kruger National Park.

26 June 2015

Today was kind of a miracle, as up until this morning the crew had zero footage of cats in Kruger!

This all changed in a time frame of 35 minutes where leopard, Cheetah and lion were all sighted with excellent filming opportunity!

The 3 Cheetah we saw had also just killed an Impala which was a bonus for the crew who are all smiles!

27 June 2015

Today was quite something in many aspects as for the crew we ticked them off or added them to the "magnificent 7" club!

What was more interesting though that this has been achieved doing not more than 50 km of safari on any given day! More phenomenal was the fact that although found over a two day stretch the 7 were found in a 2,3 km area close to the Transport dam where "Battle of Kruger" happened!!!

It's never really that this occurs...  Just lucky the film crew was on board!

At Lake Panic bird hide the crew where in their element...  Filming waterhole activity for nearly 4 hours!

On the way back to camp we got a huge herd of Buff which was also on our "need " list!!!

The film director is now looking at the Kruger section of their 24 countries visited being a 2 part series as opposed to all the other national parks having just one!

He is right!!!

After all this is the best place on earth so it deserves the most coverage!

28 June 2015

The film crew got an introduction to Kruger’s massive Buffalo herds twice today!  Two superb sightings were called in by the safari rangers of Team Nhongo!

Thank you Curtis and Mark...  The film directors are more than happy!

Later in the afternoon Mark also called us to an exceptionally good leopard which the guys managed to film for a while!

A dispute and good audio amongst Rhino (w) was also documented!

Fauna and flora on top of one of the regions great granite domes was also filmed extensively!

It was basically one of those days that simply went by in a flash!

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